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Magazine Publishing Services

We offer our clients one of the most efficient subscription renewal rates in the industry. Our highly skilled telemarketing staff knows how to remind your subscribers of the benefits and rewards they've already received from your publication. They are the best in the business when it comes to conducting reinstatement programs, holiday donor programs, and upgrade offers. What's their secret? They use a warm, personal approach that your customers respond to and remember.

We have established solid, long-term relationships with many national, local, and special interest publishers. Year after year, The Smith Company helps them reach their subscription goals. We can help you, too. We will:

bullet Develop a subscription renewal program targeted to meet your goals
bullet Create a script that gently persuades the subscriber to renew
bullet Place a call back to renewal customers to confirm the order and to monitor the professionalism and courtesy of the caller
bullet Provide a quick turn-around on verified renewals
bullet Produce a statistical analysis by source code

Our other publishing services include price and offer testing, and conducting editorial and demographic surveys. These services help you identify price points, profile customers, and target potential new markets.

E-mail us at: mslewion@thesmithco.com

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